BOOST Teeth Whitening

BOOST Teeth Whitening

Your teeth might get discolored over time due to a number of reasons, like your dietary habits (drinking coffee, tea, soda, and red wine) or certain medications. In order to get back that whiter, brighter look of the teeth, many people opt for teeth whitening. Boost Teeth Whitening can give remarkable results by making use of chemically activated in-office whitening treatment in just a few hours.

If you have intrinsic stains (stain that occurs below the surface of the tooth), then the Boost Teeth Whitening System by Opalescence can give you instant results. 

Who can get BOOST Teeth Whitening?

The people who have extreme tooth discoloration or intrinsic stains can be the best candidates for BOOST teeth whitening. If you have any other dental issues, then the dentist will address the issue first with the right treatment. However, the candidacy to get this treatment can be determined only by a dentist after a thorough examination.

What is the process involved in BOOST Teeth Whitening?

It is always recommended to get dental cleaning done before undergoing the process to get maximum effectiveness. 

Have a look at the preparation for the process:

  • The dentist will place a tongue protector and give you protective eyewear.
  • To remove saliva, suction will be used, and your teeth will be air-dried.
  • The OpalDam® will be applied to gums for protection. 

Once everything is ready, our dentist will carefully cover the teeth in the BOOST teeth whitening gel. The dentist then uses laser light to activate the bleaching properties, which is repeated two more times for maximum effectiveness. If required, more BOOST teeth whitening sessions will be carried out to attain admirable results. 

BOOST Teeth Whitening is safe and effective teeth whitening procedure that requires only one dental visit to complete. 

Is BOOST Teeth Whitening much better than over-the-counter dental bleaching?

BOOST Teeth Whitening is considered much better than over-the-counter dental bleaching as you can achieve much better results in a single visit than a month’s worth of OTC products. 


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